A Tradition of Excellence

You call it the world,
we call it home.

Experience, dedication, commitment, integrity and performance are the building blocks of our company and the reason for our success. These are the requirements that you have demanded and the philosophy on which we will continue to build. Our spectrum of supply is extremely large, from an o-ring to a complete drilling rig, and our expertise is in the international market, where we pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely response to customer inquiries and prompt delivery of orders. Add hands on experience and the desire to achieve a high level of excellence and the result is justification to do your worldwide oilfield equipment and spare part purchasing through B. Hansen. Inc.


Our commitment to the oilfield industry
is exemplified through our people.

With over 150 years of combined experience we have broadened our service to more than 130 clients in 24 countries. We have a small company soul and small company speed not found inside a big company today. Small companies create excitement. The realization, small has more advantages over big. We can work together to improve your efficiency, while reducing your overall landed cost of goods.


B. Hansen Inc. was established in 1986 during the worst oilfield industry downturn in history. The risk to expand into other service related markets was borne of the realization that the oilfield supply industry was faltering. Boots Hansen, world renowned for his service in fighting oil related fires, responded to this need through the formation of B. Hansen Inc. The company was to adopt the same dedication, commitment, and timely response as the founder but focus on the supply of equipment, spare parts and service.


People make things happen.

Our commitment to the oilfield industry is exemplified through our people. At B. Hansen Inc., we have ensured that our goal is fulfilled through the knowledge that to be the best requires that you have the best people. B. Hansen Inc. is proud to have Bobby Wier, J. Lynn Tollett and Marilyn Emerson as members of its managing team. Through their leadership and the dedication of our employees, B. Hansen Inc. has succeeded in becoming a leader in the petroleum procurement industry during this period. Our success is also realized through our client's recognizing our commitment to service.


B. Hansen Inc. is committed to providing first-class products, exceptional service and doing things right, the first time. We take pride in being in tune with our customers' likes and dislikes while fulfilling their needs. At B. Hansen Inc. we have the advantage of speed which brings with it an urgency and focus on what really matters - service.

Our Products

From accumulators and actuators, to wipers and wrenches, we have what you need!

B. Hansen Inc.
is Recognized Worldwide as an established and reputable supplier of a comprehensive range of equipment and parts for the Petroleum Industry.